Using US and Canada Conference Calls in the Recruiting Industry

Vancouver CanadaRecruiters in the United States and Canada have yet another tool in their toolbox with our USA – Canada toll free conference plans.

Whether your office is in Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Buffalo, Miami, Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the US or Canada, the ability to host conference calls in both countries provides you with a cost-effective planning, screening, interviewing solution.

Why Use a Dedicated US – Canada Conference Calling Service?

With both job candidates and hiring managers scattered across the United States and Canada, having a dedicated conference calling plan that fully supports both countries allows for friction-free communications. For example, you’ll schedule the conference call as you normally do regardless of where each attendee is located. Each attendee will be given either a local access number specific to their location or a toll free access number for the country.

As the coordinator of the conference call, you can focus on preparing for your conference call rather than making special accommodations for attendees outside of your country. Meanwhile, your attendees do not need to worry about international toll charges or calling into another country.

Using Advanced Features

You’re likely accustomed to holding conference calls, and our US Canada conferencing works much like any other traditional service you may have used. However, our pay-as-you-go conference calling plan includes several advanced features that can help enhance your recruiting conference calls. For example:

  • Live Conference Viewer and Free Connect App — An online dashboard provides you with real-time data associated with your conference calls. Our free Connect app works in much the same way, but on your smartphone. It will also automatically connect you to your USA and Canada conference calls. You can see who has joined the call and who you are waiting on. Let’s say you need the local hiring manager to be present before beginning a phone interview. With a quick glance, you can see that she hasn’t yet joined the call. At this point, you can either give her a few more minutes or use the “dial out” feature to call her phone number directly and then join her to the conference call.
  • MP3 Recordings — With another click of a button, you can start recording your conference calls. Once activated, the call will be recorded in MP3 format. After the conference call ends, you will receive the recording via email. This is helpful should you want a record of your interviews or if you’d like to be able to listen to interviews again as you get closer to making a hiring decision.
  • Built-in Quality of Service — Our pay-as-you-go US and Canada conference calls are built on PSTN fiber optic networks with Avaya conference bridges and triple redundancy built in. What does all of this mean to you? Crystal clear US – Canada conference calls, anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re meeting with hiring managers across USA and Canada, providing hiring information to a group of potential job candidates, or conducting prescreening interviews with candidates on both sides of the border, our toll free US – Canada conferencing plan is a cost-effective choice loaded with advanced features. There are no contracts and no minimum requirements.

Learn more about Canada Conference Calls here

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