Canada conference calling is more affordable than you may realize

If the call is toll free, the attendees won’t incur any local phone company long distance fees.

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How to make a Conference from Canada?

Hosting a conference call from Canada isn’t overly complicated, especially if you go with a telecommunications provider that specializes in providing Canadians with robust, yet affordable, toll free conference calling services.

Toll Free Conference Call Rate, If you are conducting a conference call with people who are in other parts of the country you may want to consider a toll free rate. You will usually pay a small extra fee of a couple cents (per minute) to allow people to call in on a toll free number.  For instance, rates for a Canada and US joint conference call are as follows:

Canada or US Conference Call Rates

  2.9¢ minute – Canada Local Access
  3.9¢ minute – Canada Toll Free
  1.7¢ minute – U.S. Local Access
  2.9¢ minute – U.S. Toll Free

You may want to use Canada conference call services for personal reasons. Before you look for a service provider, take note of your requirements first. Find out how often you need to perform conference calling, how many people will usually participate, how long will your average calls be and how you want to control the progress of conference calls.

If you’re a participant in a conference call from Canada, your involvement in the call is relatively simple. Depending on how the call is set up, you’ll either be assigned a toll free or non-toll free Canadian phone number that you’ll dial as well an access code.

Simply dial in a minute or two before the teleconference’s scheduled time and participate in the discussion. If the call is toll free, the attendees won’t incur any phone company long distance fees.

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