Using Remote Call Forwarding in Luxembourg

Though Luxembourg has a small population, the U.S. Embassy considers it a “high value” market with one of the world’s most open and competitive economies.

Though Luxembourg has a small population, the U.S. Embassy considers it a “high value” market with one of the wLuxembourg Urban Downtownorld’s most open and competitive economies.

Whether you have family in Luxembourg, your business exports goods to Luxembourg, you consult with clients in Luxembourg, or you’re considering the country as a potential market, using remote call forwarding to facilitate international calls is a good strategy.

Here’s what you need to know about global call forwarding in Luxembourg.

What Is Luxembourg Remote Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding involves routing one phone number’s calls to another phone. For example, it’s not unusual for a business to use call forwarding to forward its after-hours calls to an answering service or have a series of local phone numbers routed to a central call center.

Luxembourg remote call forwarding numbers work in a similar manner, except that they work internationally. For example, if your office is based in the United States but you have clients in Luxembourg, you could order a Luxembourg international call forwarding number and set it up so that it rings to your phone in the United States.

To your callers in Luxembourg, the phone number appears “local.” They do not know that their call will be routed to another country, and their phone companies will bill it just like any other Luxembourg phone number. If you choose a toll free Luxembourg remote call forwarding number, they won’t be billed at all.

Uses for International Luxembourg Remote Call Forwarding Numbers

How might you use your international call forwarding number in Luxembourg? The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Below are a few ideas:

  • Establish a virtual Luxembourg office. If your business has clients in Luxembourg, setting up a physical office in the country would be costly and may not be necessary. By getting a remote call forwarding number in Luxembourg, you can create the local presence — albeit a virtual one.
  • Create a convenient, low-cost way for your loved ones to reach you internationally. For example, if you’re in Australia but your son or daughter is attending college in Luxembourg, you could get a toll free Luxembourg call forwarding number that rings to your home or mobile phone in Australia. Now, your child can call you at anytime toll free.
  • Use your Luxembourg global call forwarding number to make cheap international phone calls. Our international call forwarding rates are quite competitive, and often much cheaper than traditional international calling costs. Since you can change the ring to number as desired, you could do so whenever you need to make an international phone call. This gives you instant access to our network and low international rates and immediately routes your call to the desired number. If you do use this strategy, make sure to change your ring-to number back after completing the call.

We make getting international call forwarding numbers in Luxembourg fast and easy with no contracts required.

Simply choose from toll free or national Luxembourg call forwarding, designate your destination phone number, and pick a plan based on how many minutes you’d like for the month.

How will you use your international call forwarding?

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