Call forwarding lighten your load

As the popularity of mobile phones has grown, more and more people are eliminating their land lines and exclusively use their cell phones. Many smaller companies even advertise a cellular number as their businesses main contact.

While the use of mobile phones is increasing within the business community, the need for mobile call forwarding has increased also. Mobile call forwarding is the ability to take your existing mobile phone number and redirect the calls to another telephone number. Companies are often in need of call forwarding in order to have their mobile phones answered when they are not in the office.

When you travel, you can then set up the cell phone to call forward to a virtual number.  The virtual number then redirects calls to any other number you chose, in any country, which could be a disposable cell phone that you purchase inside another country, your international branch office phone, your hotel room phone, or any other phone you may have access to.

In order for this to work, your cell phone in your home country must support call forwarding. Once set up, your contacts back home can dial your cell phone number as usual and reach you.

We welcome any posts if you have a story regarding personal experience using call forwarding virtual numbers with your own business use.

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