Bermuda Virtual Numbers for Small Businesses

No matter what type of business you run, if you serve customers or clients in Bermuda but you are located elsewhere, getting a virtual number is a great way to stay in touch.

Bermuda OceanBusinesses of all sizes can use virtual international phone numbers to create a local presence in Bermuda while handling the incoming calls elsewhere.

If you run a small business, such as a travel agency or online store, that has customers in Bermuda, you can do the same.

Bermuda virtual numbers are a great way to facilitate telephone communications, and they’re quite affordable. Here’s what you need to know about virtual numbers in Bermuda.

Our Bermuda Virtual Numbers Allow for Toll Free International Calls

Let’s say that you’re a travel agent based in Germany who regularly books complete packages for your clients traveling to Bermuda. While your clients may live in Germany and have an easy means of contacting you before the trip, what happens if they run into a snag during the trip and need to reach you from Bermuda?

They wouldn’t be able to call you on your existing toll free number because standard toll free numbers only work within their designated region. The other option would be to dial your direct number, but that’s challenging and expensive. Your clients would need to figure out the exit code for Bermuda before placing the call — and they’d incur hefty international long distance charges. If they call from a hotel phone, they’re probably going to be routed through a very expensive carrier, too.

As you can imagine, this will make an already bad experience even worse. If you’d rather provide the best customer service possible, consider getting a Bermuda toll free virtual phone number.

How Toll Free Bermuda Virtual Numbers Work

Our month-to-month Bermuda virtual numbers are toll free numbers that work internationally. Once you sign up for a Bermuda virtual number, you’ll be prompted to enter your destination number. This is the number where any incoming calls from Bermuda will be forwarded.

The virtual number will work in Bermuda, allowing your callers to reach your office located in Germany (or any other part of the world as the case may be) without having to dial an exit code, get operator assistance, or incur any fees.

Like other toll free numbers, you will be billed for the call. Our monthly plans are prepaid virtual numbers that are available in various allotments of minutes such as 138 monthly minutes, 390 monthly minutes, and higher. The larger the bucket of minutes you buy, the lower your per minute rates. You can also add a rollover minute option so that any unused minutes are rolled into the next month.

These are monthly plans that do not require a contract or long-term commitment. They’re easy to activate as well as to cancel. For example, if you book tours to Bermuda only during the winter months, you could use a Bermuda virtual number from December through February and then cancel it until the next season.

No matter what type of business you run, if you serve customers or clients in Bermuda but you are located elsewhere, getting a virtual number is a great way to stay in touch.

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