Belgium International Business Tips: Using Virtual Phone Numbers and Global Conference Calls

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Belgium Brussels imageRunning an international business from afar has its challenges, many of which can be overcome with reliable communications. If you run a business in Belgium, two of the best international phone services to keep in your toolbox are global virtual phone numbers and global conference calls. Here’s how these two Belgium phone services can help.

Using Global Virtual Phone Numbers in Belgium

Available virtual number cities in Belgium in video below.

First, a global virtual phone number in Belgium is local to callers inside the country. However, all calls will be routed to the destination phone of your choice. For example, if you want to receive your calls from Belgium at your main office in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’d set your destination phone number to your main office phone number. Your callers from Belgium will be unaware that they’re actually calling USA because there’s no international prefix to dial.

In fact, with local ringtones and the exceptional clarity of our fiber optic PSTN telecommunications carriers, these phone calls even sound as if they’re local.

Getting a virtual phone number for Belgium helps you to establish a local business presence in the country without incurring large expenses. Your prospects and customers in Belgium will be more inclined to call a local number and will be less hesitant about doing business with a non-Belgian business.

You can even set up your Belgian global phone number so that it acts like a virtual PBX system, giving your business a more professional sound. Our global virtual phone numbers come loaded with advanced features like voice response, greetings, time of day routing, and local ringtones. Optional features like call recording and rollover minutes are also available with our Belgium virtual numbers.

Using International Conference Calls in Belgium

After establishing a local phone presence in Belgium with a virtual phone number, you may find it’s necessary to hold the occasional group audio phone call with your Belgian customers, partners, or vendors. Signing up with for our pay-as-you-go international conferencing service is an excellent idea. Not only do you pay only for the minutes you use without penalties or monthly fees, our international conference calling plans include a toll free access number for Belgium and local Belgium access in Brussels.

For example, if you were to use a traditional USA conference calling plan, the toll free access numbers would be toll free only for callers in the United States. Callers from Belgium wouldn’t be able to get through. While they could dial the direct phone number for your conference room, doing so requires dialing Belgium’s exit code, USA’s country code, and incurring per minute tolls which could add up quickly.

By using our international conferencing system, you can provide your attendees with a toll free access number that works across Belgium yet forwards the calls to an international conference room.

Like our global virtual numbers for Belgium, our international conference calls are routed over the best PSTN networks for the ultimate in sound quality. There are no contracts, no penalties, and no surprise charges.

These two international phone services work together to form a comprehensive communications solution for doing business in Belgium. Sign up for a virtual phone number or international conferencing calling plan today.