Tips for Doing Business in the Bahamas with Toll Free Virtual Phone Numbers

Bahamas FlagThinking of exporting to the Bahamas or even setting up shop on the island nation?

There’s a lot to do including (but not limited to):  researching your market, getting a business visa, registering your business, and ordering virtual Bahamas phone numbers.

Assuming you’ve done all the legwork and have decided that it makes sense to establish a business presence in the Bahamas, you’ll want to order virtual phone numbers so that your customers and business partners can easily contact you without concerns about dialing internationally.

Why Get Virtual Toll Free Bahamas Phone Numbers

Why order virtual Bahamas phone numbers when you could simply use your existing toll free phone number? While the Bahamas has a thoroughly modern and fully automatic telecommunications system, toll free numbers are not international.

In other words, if you have a toll free number in the United Kingdom, callers from the Bahamas will not be able to use it. What you actually need is a Bahamas toll free virtual number that is set up to ring to the phone of your choice anywhere else in the world.

A toll free virtual Bahamas number will also give your company a local appearance. It will look just like any other toll free number for the Bahamas, complete with the same dialing conventions. There are no international country codes or exit codes to dial, and no confusion on the part of your callers.

Virtual toll free numbers for the Bahamas can be changed on the fly so that they ring to any phone you designate.

For example, if you have a call center in Florida that handles your Bahamas phone calls and a hurricane forces it to shut down for a few days, you could quickly and easily change the ring to number to your call center in another region of the world.

Are your operations on a smaller scale? Even if you run a one-person shop, you could benefit from a virtual Bahamas call forwarding phone number. For example, you could set it up to ring to your home office or mobile phone.

If you travel frequently but need to be able to accept calls from the Bahamas seamlessly, you could change the ring to number so that it rings to your hotel room or temporary mobile phone number when you arrive at a new destination.

Many nations are encouraging businesses to export to the Bahamas, including the United States. Not only that, the Bahamas government offers some enticing incentives that may apply. With its stable democratic environment, proximity to the United States, and variety of market opportunities, exporting to the Bahamas may make sense for your business.

If it does, give yourself an advantage by establishing a virtual toll free number as soon as possible. They’re affordable and readily available. Plus, you can establish a Bahamas toll free virtual number without a long-term contract, making it ideal for testing the waters.

Have you ever used a virtual toll free number in the Bahamas or in another country?

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