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Caller ID Controversy in the 1980s and 1990s

Caller ID is alive and well today. It’s much less controversial than it was upon arrival. In fact, many users won’t answer blocked calls at all, forcing their friends and loved ones to unblock their phone numbers if they want their calls to be answered. Continue reading

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Origins of Telecom – Telecommunications and Money Transfers

Just as the telegraph made it possible to wire money more than one hundred years ago, computers and telephones make it possible today. Continue reading

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How to Screen Business Calls on Your Smartphone

How to Screen Business Calls on Your Smartphone Receiving business calls on your smartphone can be both a blessing and a curse. If you need to be accessible when away from the office, forwarding your business calls to your smartphone … Continue reading

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Virtual Phone Numbers Work to Preserve Your Privacy

Virtual phone numbers are much like having a second phone line in your home, but much more versatile. Continue reading

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Global Conference Call in Progress and How to Add Attendees

When to use an operator to connect an attendee to your conference call: When you’d like to continue the conference with existing attendees while the operator calls and communicates with the attendee or when there are multiple attendees that need to be joined. Continue reading

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Conference Call South Korea with Global Guests

Not only can you host the conference call from South Korea, you can have participants join the call from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, or wherever else your contacts may be located. Continue reading

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The First Commercial Telephone Exchange

The company’s plans for expansion didn’t materialize as planned, due in large part to the introduction of electricity and the failure of the Boston-New York line, which was eventually sold to American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T). Continue reading

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How to Use Collaborative Notes in a Video Meeting

You may also want to contribute to a collaborative group note, adding your thoughts, ideas, or even corrections as the video meeting progresses. Continue reading

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How to Hold a South America Conference Call

suppose you’d like to hold an audio training session for your company’s regional sales managers in USA, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, and Peru. Continue reading

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Make a Practice Call Before Your First Global Conference Call

Audio conferencing is a simple technology with a minimal learning curve. Continue reading

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How to Get SMS Text Messages Sent to Your Business Email Account

Like our other virtual phone numbers, SMS-enabled call forwarding numbers are available without a contract. Choose the monthly plan that’s right for you and let the texting begin. Continue reading

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When 3-Way Conferencing is Not Enough — How to Hold a 10-Way Conference Call with Global Participants

It’s important to note that while our rates are low, our service is phenomenal. This is NOT a cheap unreliable VOIP plan; it’s a PSTN global conference calling plan known for its quality and reliability. Continue reading

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How to Make Cheap International Calls from USA to China Without Hassles or Poor Quality

Enjoy exceptional audio quality when calling people in China Continue reading

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How to Use Desktop Video Conferencing to Hold a Parent Support Group Board Meeting

Screen sharing allows you to share a PowerPoint presentation, your team’s new uniform design, or even YouTube videos. Continue reading

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How to Host a Press Conference Versus a Conference Call

Journalists are busy and have tight deadlines, making it important to adhere to your stated timeline. Continue reading

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How to Change a Global Virtual Number’s Destination Number

When you first order one of our global virtual phone numbers, you’re initially prompted to enter its destination number. Continue reading

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Origins of Telecommunications: The Role of Microwave Communications

In the telecommunications sector, microwave is used to transmit wireless and landline communications alike as well as Internet data. Continue reading

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How to Divert Calls from Africa to USA

We have global virtual numbers for many countries in Africa including South Africa, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Morocco, Egypt, and others. Continue reading

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Origins of Telecommunications – History of Telephone Operators

While the classic switchboard operator of the past became obsolete, live operator assistance is still available, albeit in a different form. Continue reading

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Origins of Telecom – Clandestine Communications

For example, burglars wouldn’t want to make unwanted noises that would draw attention to themselves, but they might need to signal their partners in crime. Continue reading

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