Austria Phone Tools for International B2B Businesses

Using Global Virtual Phone Numbers to Connect to B2B Customers in Austria

Innsbruck AustriaAs a U.S.-based consultant targeting business customers in Austria, global conference calls and virtual phone numbers can help to position your business as a logical and local choice.

Here’s how you can use our phone services to your advantage in Austria — and the world beyond.

Using International Conference Calls to Connect with Business Customers in Austria

While you’ll likely have plenty of opportunities to travel to Austria in person, it’s not always practical to book a flight every time you need to communicate with your European customers. Hosting an international conference call allows you to present the benefits of your products and services, negotiate deals, conduct over-the-phone training, answer questions, and more with a geographically diverse group.

Our service makes access to your global conference calls as easy as dialing a local phone number. For example, if your customers are located in Vienna, they can dial an access number local to Vienna. You can also opt for toll free access numbers or use the moderator dial-out feature to join them into your call manually. If you have attendees joining the conference from other countries, they can dial access numbers local to their own countries.

Responding to your B2B customers’ needs with crystal clear international conference calls that are easy to use demonstrates your professionalism and accessibility. Being readily available can help to alleviate any concerns they may have about doing business with someone outside of Austria.

To that end, you may also want to invest in a global virtual phone number for Austria.

Using Global Virtual Phone Numbers to Connect to B2B Customers in Austria

Global virtual phone numbers in Austria allow your B2B customers to dial a local phone number in order to reach you. This special type of phone number routes all incoming calls to the “ring to” phone number of your choice. The virtual phone number looks and acts like any other business phone number in Austria, but it will forward the call to a phone located in another country.

By giving your B2B customers in Austria a local phone number, you are showing them that you’re committed to earning and keeping their business. While they may understand that your main office is in the United States, for example, they don’t necessarily want to worry about time zones, international calling rates, or getting an operator to connect them whenever they need to speak with you. Instead, they simply dial a local Austria number.

A couple of tools are included in our Austria virtual numbers that address time differences. For instance, advanced call forwarding features allow you to configure how calls are answered based on the time of day. You could even use select country forwarding to ensure that all calls originating from Austria are routed to your mobile phone.

Both of these Austria phone tools feature crystal clear connections over modern PSTN phone networks and have competitive rates. These plans are loaded with advanced features and offered month-to-month with no contracts and no obligation. If you serve B2B customers in Austria, our global conferencing plans and virtual numbers can play an important role in how you communicate.