Australia Global Conference Calling Benefits

Our Australia global conference calling plans feature advanced calling features and live event viewing tools.

Darling Harbour Australia imageAs tempting as it may be to fly to Australia periodically to meet with your business partners, regional employees, family members, and associates, international travel is costly and time-consuming.

Australia global conference calls can take the place of many of your trips, saving you both time and money while simultaneously allowing you to communicate and collaborate with a group. Below are some of the many benefits of hosting Australia global conference calls.

  • Conferencing calling with Australian participants is fast and easy. Unlike booking a flight and then traveling, you can connect to an Australian global conference call on a whim. Whether a business emergency needs your immediate attention or you have a brilliant idea to share with your colleagues, initiating and holding a global conference call can be done in mere minutes.
  • Global conference calls are less expensive than you may realize. Our pay-as-you-go Australian global conference calling plans feature advanced features and competitive international conferencing rates. You pay a low rate per minute per person with rates varying depending on the countries involved. You can even issue toll free international numbers for participants in dozens of countries, making it easy and toll free for your international attendees.
  • Holding international conference calls in Australia and around the globe helps to build relationships. Since the cost of global conferencing is so much lower than in-person meetings, you’ll be more likely to hold more frequent teleconferences. Feel free to hold weekly global calls with your international staff — or daily calls if your business dictates a higher frequency. If you have family members living in Australia, bring the entire family together and keep those bonds strong with regular group calls. Even if you have family in USA, France, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia, you can all gather together in an Australian conference call. The hardest part will be scheduling a time that accounts for all the time differences.
  • Having an international conference calling plan provides you with flexibility. Our international conference calling plans provide support for more than 60 to 100 plus countries (depending on the plan you choose). This means that not only can you hold global conference calls in Australia, you can hold them around the world. Whether you’re located in Australia, the Philippines, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, or anywhere else in the world, you can both host and attend meetings.
  • Our Australia global conference calling plans feature advanced calling features and live event viewing tools. You can manage your conference calls via our free Connect app or our online live event viewer as well as use traditional phone menus or ask the live operator for assistance. You can also record your calls with a quick click of the button.
  • Superior phone networks mean that you can hear everyone clearly. We use fiberoptic PSTN networks for all international conference call attendees. These modern networks deliver the best audio quality and are far superior to VoIP.

These are but a few of the many advantages of our Australian international conference call plans. Sign up for an account today and pay as you go with no contracts and no cancellation fees.

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