Doing Business with Argentina Call Forwarding Numbers

Expanding your business into Argentina could be a simple matter of marketing your services along with an Argentina call forwarding number.

Buenos Aires at nightAccording to, the United States and Argentina have a long, bilateral trade and investment relationship. If you run a USA business and are considering a move into Argentina’s market, one of the first and easiest steps you can take is to order Argentina call forwarding numbers.

What are Argentina Call Forwarding Numbers?

Argentina call forwarding numbers are local or toll free phone numbers specific to Argentina. They look and sound like any other phone number in Argentina. For example, a toll free number in Argentina would look something like this: 0800800XXXX while a local one would look like this: 0221513XXXX. However, the actual call would be routed to your designated phone in the United States (or anywhere else in the world).

The Benefits of Argentina Call Forwarding Numbers

As you can see, Argentina call forwarding numbers look local. This means that you can immediate set up a local presence. Whether you need to coordinate with local manufacturers, officials, employees, partners, or customers, giving them a local phone number can:

  • Establish your company as having a local presence in Argentina
  • Reduce or eliminate concerns about calling a foreign country
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for travel into Argentina
  • Allow you to answer calls originating from Argentina at a remote call center located anywhere in the world
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to hire local staff
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to rent office space in Argentina
  • Allow you to test the market with minimum investments in a physical location

Use Cases for Argentina Call Forwarding Numbers

There are numerous ways to use Argentina call forwarding services. Below are just a few use cases.

  • Customer and technical support — If you are exporting your products to Argentina, providing your customers there with an Argentina toll free number for customer or technical support is a good move. However, instead of building and staffing a call center in the country, you could simply use call forwarding to transfer those calls to an existing call center.
  • Local coordination — Do you frequently need to speak with local partners, agents, distributors, or officials in Argentina? They could hesitate to call your out-of-country phone number because it’s unfamiliar or they may fear the cost. Some may prefer to work with a local or distrust foreign businesses. Give them a local number to call and overcome these obstacles.
  • Local consulting or virtual coaching — Do you offer consulting, coaching, or some other service that could be delivered over the phone? Expanding your business into Argentina could be a simple matter of marketing your services along with an Argentina call forwarding number.

These are but a few use cases for Argentina call forwarding numbers. Would an Argentine call forwarding number be effective for your business?

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