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Toll-Free access from 100+ Countries

International Conference Calls

Attendees can Join your meeting Toll-Free from 100+ Countries
Host international conference calls -the easy way
Your participants call in toll-free from their country at no cost to them.

Two service plans below with different global toll-free access countries
and different rates to suit your unique call requirements.

Legacy Plan - 62 country toll free access

Expanded Plan - 100+ toll free access countries


Conference Calls from 2.9¢ per minute

USA / Canada Conference Calls

From 2.9 per minute Conference CallsToll-Free Conference Calls

Local and toll-free dial-in access numbers for Canada/USA conference calls.

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Global Virtual Numbers Available in 94 Countries

International Call Forwarding

Global Virtual Numbers Available in 100 CountriesGet a Virtual Number

Redirect your calls from your virtual number to any other phone worldwide, landline, mobile, PBX, call center.

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Overpaying your Phone Company for International Calls?

Cheap International Calls

Stop Overpaying the Phone Company for International CallsMake cheap International calls

Call any phone worldwide cheap. No computer required, only your existing cell or landline phone.

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Voice Mail Including 10 extensions - Try it Free

Voice Mail

Voice Mail Includes 10 extensions - Try it FreeUnlimited Voicemail

Get your toll-free number plus 10 customizable extensions.

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Cheap SIM Card Rates for Travel

Mobile SIM Card

Cheap SIM Card Rates for TravelReduce International Roaming Fees

Free Incoming Calls and Free SMS

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Customer CommentsCustomer Comments

"Our international conference call went without a hitch. All participants from all 6 countries were able to dial into the bridge as planned. Now that we know how easy this is, we'll be using your service for our international conference calls as well as our everyday U.S. conference calls. It's an excellent business tool for us."
Jon T.
-San Francisco, CA
Conference Call Overseas Access

"We host our conference calls from Australia. The guests are located internationally and can include participants in India, UAE, UK and U.S. The dial out option has been a great assist for us. The combination of international toll free numbers and using the dial out has proved to be a sound strategy for hosting our international conference calls."
Norman T.
-Perth, Australia
Global Toll-Free Conference Plan

"I stumbled upon your AIT website by accident and feel fortunate that I did. I guess you could call me a multi service customer. I use Global Call Connect to make my international calls, the unlimited
conference call plan for my company conference calls and I bought a local call forwarding number here in Las Vegas. Great service and rates!"
George W.
-Las Vegas, Nevada
Global Call Connect
Unlimited Conference Calls
Global Call Forwarding

"After using your competitor (name blocked) our monthly cost reduction has been rather substantial. One example - no longer a huge per minute surcharge and they have very high ITFS rates. And your customer service is so pleasant and these days that's refreshing! Also really like the free mp3 recordings.."
Anita H.
-Surrey, UK
International Conference Call Plan

"Thanks for helping us with the
call forwarding. Advertising local international phone numbers was recommended by our advisors. We are optimistic that it will change our web image and streamline collaboration with customers, both old and new."
Jonathan F.
-New York, NY
Global Call Forwarding

"There is definitely a big quality improvement since we moved to your service. Didn't realize that our old company used a VoIP conference call bridge. VoIP can definitely be a negative for conference calls with multiple participants located in multiple countries. We do use VoIP for one-on-one phone calls but it is a struggle for conference calls. We came to this conclusion after suffering through some very difficult international conference calls using a VoIP based conference call provider, a BIG headache. Thanks again for the great service and follow up."
Barbara M.
-Chicago, IL
International Toll Free Conference

"Thank you for following up. We are indeed quite satisfied with the conference call service"
Maria S.
-Czech Republic
Global Conference Calls

"We replaced other conference service with yours. Happy to mention line problems we had with Serbia and Ukraine conferences is now gone. Using your international toll free access numbers has helped us transact our business again much better!."
Jaime B.
-Quito, Ecuador
International Conference Calling

"We use two of your plans for our conference calling needs. The unlimited plan is used for our internal conference calls between offices and the Toll Free plan is used for conference calls with clients."
Robert K.
-Los Angeles, CA
Toll Free Conference Calls
Unlimited Conference Calls

"We are using your Global Call Forwarding services, an Australian Toll Free number and a New Zealand Toll Free number to redirect callers to our headquarters in London."
Markus B.
Global Call Forwarding


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Group Audio Conference Basics for Participants

Participating in a group audio conference for the first time?

Here's what you need to know to ensure a successful group conference call.

Group Audio Conference Attendance
First, you'll need to know what time, in local time, you want everyone to call into the group audio conference.
It's common these days for group calls to include an international audience.
The call's start time might be expressed in GMT, UTC, or the host's own time zone.
Even domestic calls can involve multiple time zones.
Use a world time zone map to convert the time to local time to make sure that you know exactly when to dial in.

Next, you'll need to know how to join the group audio conference
The call's host will send you the phone number along with a PIN or access code.
If the call is an international group conference call, you'll be issued a phone number that is local to your country.
From there, your call will be routed to the main group audio conference.
You'll be prompted to enter the PIN or access code. Once confirmed, you will be connected to the group.

Greeting the Group
Depending on how the group audio conference is set up, an automated voice might announce that you have entered the room.
If not, you could briefly announce your arrival. In either case, you should be able to hear the moderator or music leading up to the start time.

Muting and Unmuting Your Phone
Imagine a group audio conference with 100 participants, each with an unmuted phone.
The background noise would be unbearable! Do your part by muting your phone until called upon to speak.
If you have a mute button on your phone, use it. If not, most group audio conferences support keypad muting and unmuting (usually *6).

Speaking During a Group Audio Conference
Whether you've been asked to give a presentation during the conference call or have a question during the Q&A portion, speak slowly and clearly.
If it's an international group conference call, this becomes especially important as second language listeners may have trouble.
In addition, other participants may be taking notes. Repeat important information such as phone numbers and URLs.

Participating in a Group Audio Conference
Though no one will know if you call in from home in your pajamas, your full participation is expected.
This is not the time for multitasking.
Make sure to have a notebook and pen handy for taking notes and give the group audio conference your complete attention.

Listening to Recorded Group Conference Calls
Many teleconference moderators record group audio conferences and then distribute them for later listening.
These calls typically arrive as MP3 files which can be listened to on a variety of devices including computers, tablets, smartphones, and MP3 players.
Some conference hosts post the recorded teleconference on their website and will send you a link.

As with any other potentially sensitive or confidential information, use care to ensure that only those authorized to hear the call have access to the recording.
An advantage of listening to a conference after the fact is that you can take notes at your leisure instead of trying to capture everything as it happens.
If you intend to do so, make sure to confirm that the call will be recorded and arrange to get a copy of it.

Participating in a group audio conference is relatively easy.
The moderator typically sends all of the instructions and access numbers in an email.
All you need to do is dial in at the appointed time and participate.

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